The University environment is an exciting place to be. Let's face it, it isn't just the opportunity to learn, but a whole package where one really starts to consider the meaning of life. This place is far more than simply a means to an end, or rather a ticket to a high-paying job. Unfortunately, it takes a few years to figure this out, until we're faced with some sort of crisis. Either through the shock of low grades or just the fundamental realization that we discover that we are in the wrong programme.

We sometimes set aside our faith, deeming it as either unimportant or irrelevant to our course of study. Some of us were raised to see our studies as incompatible with faith and therefore scholarship or faith must be dismissed. In light of world events, there is a controversy over issues of extremist forms of religiosity within every faith tradition. These conversations are coming to the fore much more often. I would hope that among many other things, we might be able to provide some insight of how to connect faith to study - and all of life.